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Vietnam has a population of more than 90 million people, comprised of 54 different ethnic groups that possess historically rich cultural backgrounds and interesting folk arts. The country has more than 1,000 historical, cultural, and architectural sites which have been officially classified as "Heritage Sites". Five of these sites have been recognized as world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization), including Halong Bay, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National park , the ancient capital of Hue, the ancient town Hoi An, and My Son Holy Land. It will become clear from excursions to these sites of Vietnam which is a country with a long-established history.

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Royal Fine Arts Museum / Hue Royal Antiquities Museum

Housed in the An Dinh residence, a decorate building of French architectural influence, the Hue Royal Antiquities Museum has more than 300 relics in its showroom – the royal family tea sets are particularly beautiful. The residence was built in 1908 by King Khai Dinh and presented to his son the last reigning emperor, King Bao Dai.

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Thanh Toan Bridge

A classic covered Japanese footbridge in picturesque countryside and without a souvenir shop in sight, this makes a lovely diversion from Hue. The bridge is in sleepy Thuy Thanh village, 7km east of Hue. Finding it is a bit tricky. Head north for a few hundred metres on Ba Trieu street until you see a sign to the Citadel Hotel. 

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Flag Tower

At the centre of the wall facing the river, the 37m-high Flag Tower is Vietnam's tallest flagpole. Erected in 1809 and extended in 1831, it was knocked down in 1904 by a typhoon that devastated the city. It was rebuilt in 1915 only to be destroyed again in 1947. Two years later it was erected once again, in its present form.

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Forbidden Purple City

Behind the palaces, in the very centre of the Imperial Enclosure, the Forbidden Purple City is a citadel-within-a-citadel-within-a-citadel. Reserved solely for the personal use of the emperor, the only servants allowed into this compound were eunuchs who would pose no threat to the royal concubines.

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Thai Hoa Palace

Built in 1803, Thai Hoa Palace is a spacious hall with an ornate timber roof supported by 80 carved and lacquered columns. It was used for the emperor's official receptions and other important court ceremonies, such as anniversaries and coronations. During state occasions, the emperor sat on his elevated throne and his mandarins paid homage.

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