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Vietnam has a population of more than 90 million people, comprised of 54 different ethnic groups that possess historically rich cultural backgrounds and interesting folk arts. The country has more than 1,000 historical, cultural, and architectural sites which have been officially classified as "Heritage Sites". Five of these sites have been recognized as world cultural heritage sites by UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization), including Halong Bay, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National park , the ancient capital of Hue, the ancient town Hoi An, and My Son Holy Land. It will become clear from excursions to these sites of Vietnam which is a country with a long-established history.

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"Dance" of fire

16/10 lunar years, Pa Then ethnic people (Tan Bac commune, Quang Binh district, Ha Giang) eager to open fire dance festival (also called the new rice celebrations)...
Annual, just after the harvest hard, Pa Then people in the back pulse beautiful clothes brilliant festive fun. 
Days ago, every family celebration Pa Then do the new rice in the kitchen. However, gradually this festival is held in the spacious outdoor space to tighten the emotional and traditional identity preservation for future generations Pa Then.
The sorcerer prestige villages credibility will manually prepare a tray of rice offerings on the previous evening to invite the gods, soil, earth spirits and cast out all evil in the air, but still the old year term of bad luck. Meaning prior to reporting to the reasons behind the need for people in the new year blessed, bountiful harvest. And the next day to night, fire dance festival will officially begin.
Sorcerer urged soldiers entered the god of fire dancing
A tray along with 1 cup of rice, 5 cups of wine (tea can be used), 1 bottle of wine, paper straw of the Pa Then, one foil color (added because of cozy outdoor); 1 chicken, bundles incense (burned every 2-5 rods) will be furnished to the shaman ritual performed before about 2 hours when the soldiers jumped into the fire. Army soldiers were selected from healthy young men in the village. They will sit opposite the shaman during a Nhap Than ceremony (Ask god becomes their soul). After the fire has charred red, it is also the time the soldiers would start barefoot dancing crazy drunk on that pile of flaming embers...
Occasionally, a few brother also rushed to the dance but they were immediately burned and ejected from the sacred fire. Especially as there is only army infantry fire dancing shaman is not burned and after the end of the dance, they do not remember anything that happened earlier! According to the rules of the Pa Then women can also participate fire dance but before the day of the festival, they must bring the shaman white chickens were reared for 7 years to celebrate to ask permision from deity.
Dance on hot coals
They just jump engrossed in admiring gaze of the crowd and all the tourists away until the dying embers crowd in high mountain dew Northwest night. Where only the unique, mysterious sacred fire dance Pa Then people new foot hold his heart forever and still do not post any day of singing "The sacred fire for October, Pa Then people celebrate the new rice. Sacred fire burning tonight we lit up the dream. Moonlit night as legendary plateau, drums, gongs far bank, make younger men/girl dance around the fire. Sacred flame will shine forever, ho la ho la... Father teaches them is that they give you are not afraid, ho la ho la. Flame me all new vitality, high mountain streams rang us sing love to eat. Mother sew new dresses for children, ho la ho la.... "

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